July 23, 2013

786 returns to Texas!

Amid some cool & damp weather, all of the 786 parts returned successfully to the ASTA rail yard in Cedar Park, Texas - uneventfully!  Special thanks go to Crocker Cranes for their safe & expert overhead handling and to Freight Management Incorporated who were flexible & resourceful in arranging for all 6 trucks & necessary permits.

The following 2 short videos (thanks to Dan Doggett) show the unloading operations for the frame & boiler:

Unloading the Frame

Unloading the Boiler

April 26, 2013

The frame & boiler are unloaded in Cedar Park, TX


April 28, 2013

First Flatbed of parts arrives

April 29, 2013

Second Flatbed of parts

May 9, 2013

Third & Fourth Flatbeds arrive