September 3, 2008

Boiler Restoration & Repair

The firebox has undergone significant repair work.  Numerous small cracks were discovered around stay bolt threads in the crown sheet shoulders.  It was decided to cut out both shoulders and fabricate all new metal for those areas.

This is the inside of the firebox showing the crown sheet repair work and new stay bolts installed.  The firebox needs 2 more rows of stay bolts & a few washout plugs and that end of the boiler will be complete!

Photo: Historic Machinery
This is a new cast flange welded onto a new section of dry pipe.  There is no easy way to install the dry pipe in one piece, so it will be installed in 2 pieces and welded together inside the boiler.

This piece is the front part of the dry pipe, located between the front tube sheet and the super heater header.

Photo: Historic Machinery
Some very nice, new cast bronze washout plugs.
Photo: Historic Machinery