December 22, 2011

Progress on mounting cylinders to frame

It's been a while since these pages have been updated.  While there haven't been many new photos, there has been some accomplishments.  Robert Crossman, former General Superintendent at ASTA and also at Texas State Railroad has joined the 786 restoration team.  Robert has been instrumental in creating a detailed task list & budget estimate for the completion of 786.  While the list is rather daunting, it gives a good model against which detailed planning can be done.

In the late Fall, the contract was released to complete the final mounting of the cylinders to the frame.  This is a difficult & critical step -- it has to be right!  There are a large number of taper bolts that have to be machined & custom fit into reamed holes.  The process includes taper reaming each hole to 1/16" per foot.  Then, custom taper bolts are machined to a drive fit which locks the cylinder to the frame.  All of this holds the cylinder precisely on the frame and prevents ANY movement during operation.  If only normal drilled holes & bolts were used, the piston thrust would tear the cylinder from the frame.  Work on this task is nearing completion.

November 7, 2011

Final placement of the cylinders on the frame.

December 6, 2011

The upper frame rail had to be cut during disassembly.  Here, the new frame rail has been heat treated & is being machined.

Ronnie Jones and Tyler Poss reaming holes for frame bolts to secure the new cylinders to the frame on the bottom side.
All bottom bolts that secure the cylinders to bottom frame rails are complete.
December 11, 2011

New right frame rail with machining complete. Ready for test fit on cylinders and locating  holes for drilling and reaming.


Left frame rail having been test fit is now ready for final installation to cylinders and main frame. Holes are located and drilled. Reaming will be completed once it is applied to the cylinders and main frame.