March 8, 2012 


The fully machined cylinders are now permanently installed on the frame!

Using 44 special taper bolts, the fully machined cylinders are now permanently installed on the frame.  This is a major milestone in the restoration of 786!!!
It's hard to tell from this photo because of the angle, but this is actually a tapered bolt.  Each bolt is machined specifically for a hole, the and the hole reamed exactly to receive it with a drive fit, per standard practice.
New right upper frame rail fit and ready for reaming taper holes and fitting new custom made frame bolts.
New left upper frame rail fit to cylinder saddle. Taper reamer and  air motor for driving reamer are shown set up on one of the pilot holes. 
The right side upper frame rail is new.  This is a rear view of the new right upper frame rail. Gap between original main frame and new frame is for a fit key per original design. This  steel frame key will be machined fit and applied once all taper bolts are applied. The left side is designed the same.
Left front detailing frame rail and fitted bolts.
All cylinder mounting / front frame rail work is complete.  Keys are shown
View of front with new frame rails in place.
Left rear view showing new frame rails, bolts and keys in place.
Front left cylinder keys.