August 1,2009

Progress on Boiler & Cylinders

Boiler work is progressing very well.  Tubes & Flues are ordered and the front & rear tube sheets are being prepared for their installation.  The end is in sight for the boiler!

The photos from Muscle Shoals should have been posted earlier (sorry!).  Please refer to the discussion from the July 26 entry for background on the Knuckle Pin machining.

On top of the boiler, the tool in use on the left is an air powered flange facer.  
Here is it shown cutting the seat for the manhole on top of the boiler.
To the right is the Steam Dome.  The seat has already been cut.


Photo: Historic Machinery Services
This is a close up of using the flange facer to cut the seat for the steam 
dome gasket.


Photo: Historic Machinery Services
The flues (larger holes) must be prepared with a 45 degree bevel.  Shown is a 
portable tool for machining the new bevels for the 4 1/2" flues.   In some cases, 
the openings have been damaged when the flues were removed.  So, the 
holes have had a weldment added and  were then machined down 
to the 45 degree angle and proper diameter.


Photo: Historic Machinery Services
Rear tube sheet with a finished, beveled flue hole.
Photo: Historic Machinery Services
New Crown Stays, on the right, were machined from stock (left).  They were 
upset on one end to make a larger diameter for the threads on the roof sheet. 
The stock is upset (enlarged) to 1 5/16" to allow 1 1/8" and 1 3/16" threads 
on the roof sheet.


Photo: Historic Machinery Services
In Muscle Shoals, a new knuckle pins are machined.  You can see the 2 critical tapers on the left & mid-right.  The threads have not yet been cut.

Photo: Steam Operations Corporation
This is the new knuckle pin nut.  Behind it is the CAD drawing of the new knuckle pin (being machined above)
Photo: Steam Operations Corporation
The valve cages were separately cast and machined for a tight fit into the cylinder casting.  (You can see the cast valve cages here.) 
Photo: Steam Operations Corporation