Chapin Mine Cornish Pumping Engine
(Double Expansion Tandem Steam Engine)
Iron Mountain, MI

Detail Specifications:

            Builders: Edward P. Allis Co. (now Allis Chalmers), West Allis, WI
            Installed: 1890

            Type: Tandem Double Expansion "Cornish" engine:
                (based on the style of mine pumping engine in use in Cornwall, England at the time.)

                High Pressure Cylinder: 50"
                Low Pressure Cylinder: 100"
                Stroke: 120"
                Pump Plunger: 37.5"
                Discharge pipe: 48"
                Speed: 11 rpm
                Flywheel diameter: 40'

            Pump Capacity:
                Number of pumps: 8
                    5 pumps at 192' intervals
                    2 pumps at 170' intervals
                Shaft depth 1500'
                Pump rod dia: 8" (376'), 7" (1108')
                Pump rod approx weight:    
                Pump plungers: 28"
                Pump discharge 28: dia
                Gallons/minute: 3400 gal
                Daily capacity: 5 Million gal

                Engine weight: 160 tons
                Height: 54'