Quincy Mine site - Winding Engine

Houghton, MI
Host & Guide: Bob Tracy

            Engine Specifications:

            Cross compound steam engine with cylinder at 45*
            Cylinders (HP/LP): 32/60" dia
            Stroke: 66"
            Boiler pressure: 160 psi
            Drum Dia: 30', 258 tons
            "Balance speed": 3200 feet/min
            Load: 10 tons/trip
            In Service 1920-1945

                ASME Historical Landmark Document

LEFT: Hoist Engine Building & boiler house -- RIGHT: Mine Shaft Building

Fly ball Governor & Improved Safety Stop (see ASME document)

Drum Brakes:  Applied by a weight & released with a hydraulic (oil) cylinder

Our host: Bob Tracy

Various items lying around the mine site