Built by John Mandell

Model collection built from raw stock or from raw castings.

(click on photo for a larger view)

The playroom (some refer to it as a garage)

Major items are a Myford lathe (circa 1950) and an Enco milling machine

Skinner horizontal uniflow engine

Built from raw stock, based loosely on a project in "Live Steam" magazine

A fairly late innovation in steam engine design that offers greater thermal efficiency
because steam is admitted through poppet valves on the end
of the cylinder and exits separately in the center.

Stuart 10V vertical engine, cast iron castings

Uses slide ("D") valve and Stephenson reverser

Stuart (UK) makes very nicely scaled models

(Probable the most difficult and intricate model)

Hubbard water cooled marine engine

Aluminum casting with steel cylinder liner and cast iron piston

Glo-plug, 2 cycle gas engine


PM research, bronze castings

Single acting, cylindrical valve


First models: Built in 1992-94 (it took long time!)

Single acting, cylindrical valve, built from raw stock

Mostly built on lathe.  (The vertical engine is what convinced me to get a mill!)


Silver Eagle Hit-n-Miss internal combustion engine

A Bob Shores project that should look like this when done

Aluminum and Silicon Bronze (flywheels), steel liner and cast iron piston

Spark ignition system

Cool marine engines assembled from pre-machined parts

nice engines, actually

The 2-cylinder version needs a small flywheel to run best

"Flame Eater" external combustion engine

Purchased fully assembled