Fairmont Model 59 Series C-4 (1944) 

(what it should look like when completed.)

From 1936-1949, there were only 362 of the model 59-C motorcar built, compared to approximately 10,000 of the more popular M19 and 6,000 M-9 motorcars during about the same period.

The original Fairmont manufacturer's Certificate

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Some Fairmont 59 documents

The BEFORE pictures:



Current Progress snapshots
Sept, 2006
Dog house & wood pieces designed.  After completion, all wood will be replaced with the "real thing" (Oak, Fir, yellow pine), according to Fairmont documentation.  The engine is next!  (Better photos anticipated!)


Aug, 2006
Assembly, parts painted, engine not completed:


Brake rigging: 


Belt drive components:



Feb, 2006:
Trial assembly, parts primed:


Feb, 2006:
Belt tensioner:



(April, 2008)


All engine parts are now in hand and just awaiting time to be reassembled.  Stay tuned!

    Frame & rolling parts:

    CREDITS (folks who have been a big help!):

Below are the remaining items I am currently searching for.  

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